• barbara krupp exploring beauty

I am a Storyteller

I create and share beauty, whether it's a place in our minds, a memory from our past or an experience not yet realized.

Alternate Places

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My abstract paintings are a dance of elements – a brush stroke here, a shape there, a line – a dot – a mix of colors.

A simple line painted brings happiness.

Colorful Color

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The Art

The beginning of each painting is different. Sometimes I start with a small part of reality and I give it a magical tilt. Some I start with pure abstraction and they end abstract.

Barbara Finding Peace

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Living in the Moment

My thought is to make each day the best we can and live in the now. Looking and being thankful for what is around us is so important.

Restoration, Recycling and Remembering

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My art is a representation of the unity of everything – how everything comes together, how it comes apart, and how it comes back together.


Wear My Art!

Le Galeriste - The Wearable Art Gallery - showcases exclusive works of art from some of the world’s most respected artists, produced on high-end clothing made in Montreal (Canada). Their mission is to help artists from all over the world focus on their art by supplying revenues from the sale of humanly and environmentally responsible products made from A to Z in their Canadian factory.


What an honor!

Barbara's Acrylic paintings

Now has her studio and showing area at her home. Call for a special showing 440-574-4662

Barbara is trying to make her paintings more simple. She feels that this is the time in the world for we the people to turn inward and start working for peace with ourselves, the individual, then it will go out into the World and radiate peace.

Take a peek at my garden

 I am trying to make a place that is beautiful, to live “with” or “in.” While I am here on earth, I want to share some beauty that is “inside” me, with you.

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