Cubes of Life


Cubes of life is a series of ten paintings that are in my possession and ready to be exhibited in a museum show. 

The series was painted in 2011.

The smallest paintings are 30” x 30”. 

The largest are 40” x 40”.




Birth, 2011

40”x 40”

Acrylic, Mixed Media,

Oil Stick Painting

The simple gentle line on

the right has emerged from

the powerful energy on

the left and is easily

identified as “birth.”

The line speaks of joy and

potential. I have

dedicated this painting

to Brooklyn Marie Krupp

who was born July 14, 2011-

almost to the day that I

completed this series.



The Frantic Flock, 2011


This one is all about conformity.

We have now grown up and we

are spreading our wings. Are

we sure of ourselves, are we

afraid because so much is

happening all at once?

We want to be our own

person but sometimes we get

caught up in the crowd and

all of a sudden, we

all look alike.



Tiddly Winks and Fireflies, 2011


Acrylic and Oil Stick Painting

As small children we all play

games and are entrance by the

simple pleasures of life.

In this and the next seven painting

to follow, the adult viewer is

invited to put themselves into

the situation to “remember when I…..”

Some events are common to

us all and the art invites us

to experience those moments

of life. Art should be about the

viewer as well as the artist.



Ticky Tacky Trap, 2011


Acrylic, Mixed Media, Oil Stick Painting

We are now in the prime of life.

The next four paintings depict

this time of life. Look at the next

four together and if you look

closely, you might see

yourself in one or all of the pieces.

If you are with someone who

knows you, ask them what

they think.



Nebulous, 2011

Are you part of the world that

is still not sure of where

you are going or what

you are going to do?

Older but floundering

and still feeling arrested

development and concerned

about success and beauty?

So many times this group is

the most successful of

all groups.



Dreamer, 2011

36”x 36”

Acrylic, Mixed Media,

Oil Stick Painting

Ah, the dreamer…We all love

them. They usually don’t

know they are the dreamer.

Again another group that

usually starts later in

life. I just read the life of

Leo Castelli, one of the

greatest and famous

gallerists of all times and

he was fifty before he even

knew or started what he

did better than everyone else.



Plantinum Butterfly, 2011


Acrylic, Mixed Media,

Oil Stick Painting

Are we born with success,

beauty, and wealth at

our finger tips? Not

many of us but it can be

attained. This is

about having it all. I have always

thought that people either

have their success either early,

mid or later in life. Once in

a while we see someone that

maintains it thought out life.

After all, life is still life.



Glorious Gray Games, 2011

30” x30”

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Oil Stick


This part relates some of my

experiences that I have seen

with my friends. We are all of an

age to be in retirement. I as an

artist have chosen not

to retire. I have many more

paintings left in me. What I have

seen with my friends, they are

in a happy state, work for the most

part is complete. The enjoyment

they are experiencing is a joy

for me to watch. For some it is

golf, fishing, walking, cooking,

gardening, or playing cards that

makes each one still an




The Tally, 2011

30” x 30”

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Oil Stick


I want everyone to feel peace

while viewing this painting

I am not here yet, but I want to

radiate the feeling of

accomplishment near the

completion of life. If there

are uncompleted issues, now is

the time for thought

and forgiveness.



Death, 2011

40” x 40”

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Oil Stick


The final frontier. We can all

have our beliefs and opinions

but we do not know the ending.

I am looking for peace and

eternal beauty where I can

paint forever.