The Birdhouse Project

My project, this year was a year in the life of a bird.   I first thought of it when I saw three birdhouses mounted on the side of our barn studio in Ohio. All birdhouses came from another location and had either been blown down or had deteriorated. We remounted them onto lattice structures for strength.  As I sat out in the evening or worked in the garden, I began noticing activity in the middle house. A robin had started building a nest. We watched her with her mate and then with two young robins all through the summer.  Friendships were developed. Next, the wrens came and were all a-flutter all summer. The other house was quickly rented by more wrens. 

As an artist, I wanted to capture the homes and then the bird’s journey.  Each species provided us with their own entertainment. 

(some of the paintings in this collection are in storage, please contact before purchase)